ShinglesYes you can. In some cases we are able to install an additional layer on top of an existing one if there is only one layer on the roof at the time of repair. However, in some cases the structure of the house may not allow the weight of two layers.

  1. 13086671_545497455636798_7429772645619463201_oWe are a family owned business.
  2. We deal directly with our customers. We do not have any salesmen and there are no sales agent fees.
  3. We have state of the art disposal equipment and are able to avoid container fees.
  4. We have long standing relationships with suppliers. We pass on that savings to our clients.

faq3When you use fiberglass asphalt shingles, we recommend you use asphalt felt plains below. When you use organic asphalt shingles and when the roof is less than 8/12 pitch, we also recommend it.

faq4We recommend that you use ice and water shields around chimney’s, skylights, valleys, dormers, and edges when the roof is less than 5/12 pitch.

When it begins to come away from the walls, bricks or other surfaces.

faq6Step wall flashing is far more efficient and reliable because it follows the tuck pointing (mortar between bricks) more closely. It adheres to the contours of your bricks and mortar. Step wall flashing is slightly more expensive and is known to last may years longer than straight wall flashing.

faq7There are approximately sixty different types of shingles and slate materials. Durability ranges from twenty years to a lifetime. It is crucial that your roof be professionally analyzed before any recommendations are made.

faq8Yes. We recommend most houses use vents. One vent is needed for every three hundred square feet of roofing. You can either use turbine vents of static vents. For every one turbine vent, you’ll require five static vents to achieve the same circulation.

Vents help to circulate air in the attic, help plywood on your roof breathe better and they remove condensation from the attic.

faq10Yes. We recommend using a drip edge when your roof is under 6/12 pitch or if you have a gap between your roof and your eavestrough.

Yes we do. We have a license and we present it to you when we present our quotation.

Yes we do. We provide all necessary documentation before any work begins.

Yes we do. We provide all necessary documentation before any work begins.