Unlike sloped roofs with inclines that encourage water to run off them, flat roofs are more or less horizontal. In order to prevent pooling and allow proper drainage, flat roofs are built on a subtle gradient and covered with unique materials. While a combination of tar and gravel was commonly used to prevent water from penetrating the surface of flat roofs, our cold climate presents particular challenges for flat roofs in Toronto and the GTA. These materials were also susceptible to sagging and, consequently, to permitting pooling.

At Professional Roofers we specialize in all types of Flat roofing materials, including Spray Polyurethane Foam(SPF). SPF is a liquid material that expands into a rigid foam, creating an extremely durable watertight blanket across your roof.

SPF is known to add structural strength; creating an overall resistance to extreme events such a hurricanes, high winds and leaks – perfect for our Canadian climate!

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