How to Protect your Home from Raccoon Damage Over the Holidays

Raccoon on high roof

If you are well-versed in Toronto facts, then you know that you can find raccoons are all over the city. Local stores even sell various raccoon themed goods – there’s no doubt about it, the raccoons are taking over.

These creatures may look cute, but they can cause a great deal of damage to your roof. The last thing you want during your holiday season is for there to be raccoons damaging your home and lovely holiday decorations. Here are some ways you can prevent raccoons from tearing your roof apart.


Keep Food and Garbage Away

They’re called ‘trash pandas’ for a reason – raccoons gravitate towards garbage – mainly, food. If there is food nearby, then raccoons want to travel as close as possible to get it. For your garbage, make sure your lid is as tight as possible, and replace any that are broken. Other potential raccoon food sources near your home could be bird feed and pet food.

When you remove these attractions, you are taking the first step in protecting your roof. This strategy isn’t always foolproof, but it is an excellent preventative measure and will reduce the need to call animal enforcement in Toronto.

It’s a good idea to check around your house for unsecured openings where a raccoon could make an entrance. Raccoons are very strong and have hand-like paws, so take the necessary precautions.


Hire a Roofing Company

Another critical step in protecting your roof from raccoons each winter is having it professionally inspected and repaired by roofers in Toronto. By hiring a well-equipped team, they will be able to professionally seal any access points so that raccoons will not be able to make their way inside.

Hiring a roofing company is one of the best strategies to keep raccoons at bay. If the raccoon is still around, the roofing specialist should be advised at the potential of re-encountering one. A well-qualified team will also assess your space and identify signs of animal infestation.

Have Insulation Installed
Raccoons are easily able to pick through loose shingles. Once they have made their way through the roof barrier, however, they will need to get through a wall of thick insulation.

If the insulation in your home is poorly installed, then you’re giving raccoons an advantage to make their way into your home, as well as tear the roof apart. By having a roofing team re-install new insulation that will cover all areas, your roof will then be protected.

If raccoons have infiltrated your home during the holiday season and are starting to cause issues to your roof, you’ll want to take control right away. Be mindful of the food sources a raccoon could have access to around your home, and hire a qualified roof professional right away if you have noticed any damage being done to your roof. Professional roofers are used to seeing the destruction caused by raccoons in the Toronto area and know precisely what to do to correct this issue. They will do everything in their power to fix the roofing issues, as well as install insulation if needed.