Winter-Proofing Your Roof

Tips When Hiring a Professional Contractor to Winter-Proof Your Roof

As the air turns chilly and snow begins to fall, it’s incredibly important to make sure your roof is fit for the winter season. Damages can become more serious if left unattended, especially when it comes to complications from leaks, improper ventilation, and the buildup of ice and debris from surrounding foliage.

While most homeowners can save money and tackle small repairs around their properties, seeking out professional help is necessary for something as essential as your roof. When it comes to keeping your family warm and safe from the elements, an expert is the quickest way to your peace of mind.

A professional roofing contractor should have a long-standing track record in the services they provide, be thorough in their assessment method, and explain every step of the process to you along the way. The following are major areas every roofing company should cover when working for you.


Verifying that eavestroughs are secure and clear of debris serves two primary purposes. One, it allows rain and melt water to move freely to the ground below without the risk of overflow. Two, it prevents ice, dirt, and leaves from freezing and causing blockages that lead to leaks and headaches down the line. Reducing the weight your eavestroughs carry day to day is also a good way to extend their life and improve your roof’s reliability regardless of the weather.



A properly ventilated attic will keep heat inside the house and save you money on your energy bill, but that’s not all. It will also keep ice dams from forming, a pesky hazard any homeowner should look out for. Ice dams occur when warm air exits through a gap in the attic and heats the bottom of your roof. This causes snow to melt and refreeze as soon as it escapes the warm air’s reach, leaving large barriers of ice for your shingles to contend with as they direct water away from your roof. Installing an ice and water shield is an effective way to prevent this issue.



Have your professional roofing contractor take a close look at your shingles for signs of deterioration. There may be pockets where water has frozen, expanded, and left tears that need mending before the cold makes it difficult to be outside for longer periods. Hazards like frostbite and slippery ice put people at risk and prevent them from delivering quality work.

he benefit with shingles is that wear and tear is usually visible, though there are exceptions. For example, if your roof has multiple layers of shingles, it’s likely that a contractor will have to remove them all to ensure it is watertight. Reach out to your local expert as soon as you can so they can help you stay warm throughout the season.


Regular Maintenance

Just like any other aspect of home maintenance, Professional Roofers should instill the importance of regular check-ups. A small fix can quickly escalate into an unexpected emergency expense. When it comes to roof repair, the hardest issues to catch are those that require a little dirty work to find. It takes someone experienced to notice a patch of worn out caulk, sealer, or insulation tucked away in a dark corner. They must be willing to systematically assess all possible problem areas, such as

  • Plumbing stacks
  • Brick stacks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Light fixtures

When it comes to your roof, the quickest way to peace of mind is to hire contractors that pride themselves on expertise geared toward satisfying customer needs. It’s always preferable to work with someone who goes the extra mile and treats your home with the care they would their own.