Providing Proper Maintenance For Your Stylish Flat Roof

In this month’s Professional Roofers blogs, so far we’ve talked about the insane amount of rain that fell on Toronto this month, and also the reasons that flat roofed houses have become so popular. In this third, three-part instalment, we’re going to talk about things that can potentially go wrong with your flat roof, and what you can do to avoid or fix these issues.

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Why Flat Roofs Are So Trendy Right Now

If you live in Toronto, where the housing market has been expanding for a seemingly infinite number of years and properties are constantly being gutted and flipped — or outright demolished and rebuilt — you may have noticed the proliferation of flat roofed properties over the past decade. While there’s something classic and undeniably cozy about a good old fashioned pitched roof, there are also many obvious reasons that home owners’ appetites for flat roofs have grown recently. Here at Professional Roofers, we are in agreement with the public — we think flat roofs are great! We’ve been specializing in flat roofs for a very long time in order to meet the needs of their growing popularity, we also genuinely dig the trend!

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Rocked By May’s Heavy Rains? Next Time Be Prepared!

This past week brought the heaviest stretch of rain that Toronto has seen since torrential downpours flooded the Don Valley Parkway in 2013. Woodbine Beach was flooded up to the volleyball courts, the Toronto Island was nearly evacuated and over two hundred basements were flooded. City staff laid down over 4,000 sandbags against the shoreline to mitigate the disastrous effects of Lake Ontario rising nearly 25 centimeters in less than a week. In an instance like this, when it’s raining cats and dogs non-stop and it seems as though the deluge will never end, it can be comforting to know that your home is protected by a sturdy roof.

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