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Professional Roofers is a toronto roofing company specialized in comprehensive roofing services across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer installation, removal, replacement and repair of all roof styles. Professional Roofers is the source of all your roofers toronto solutions.


The main purpose of an eavestrough is to collect water from the roof and drain it away from the building's foundations. We install aluminum and copper eavestroughs. 5" aluminum eavestroughs are available from installation in 15 different colours with brackets of 16" spacing.

Eavestroughs Eavestroughs

Roofing Basics

There are many decisions required when choosing which roof or repair will best suit your home. It is essential to be well educated on the key elements of roofing, ensuring that the right work is done safely and without over spending.

Why your roof`s pitch may cost you

When obtaining a roofing quotation from a roofing contractor, the supervisor or salesman will need to determine the incline of the roof, also known as pitch.


Flashing are metal strips that seal the seams and joints of the roof. They are typically where leaks are most likely to occur such as wall edges, or chimneys.